I am a graduate research scholar at Cornell University in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. My advisor is Professor RICHARD RAND. I am an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, 5 year Integrated MSc in PHYSICS, batch of 2010

Please note that "B SHAYAK" and "SHAYAK BHATTACHARJEE" denote one and the same person. I prefer to be known as SHAYAK in regular occasions and B SHAYAK in formal context.

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In the below pages you can get to read some of my research articles. They are grouped by subject category :

Nonlinear dynamics
Motors and magnetic levitation
Classical mechanics

Below is a link to my teaching activities :

Here you can find deatiled plans of some big lecture halls at Cornell University. The plans are designed with exam seating in mind and will be useful if you are arranging seating for a large exam.
Lecture Halls

Finally here are some trip reports on Indian Railways :
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